Thursday, 8 August 2013

Er, Hello - is this thing on?

Hi Kids!

I realise it has been an absolute age since I last posted.  Not really had anything to say. Except, that's a big fat fib, I just haven't really wanted to say anything.

Anyhoo, life around the Sheppit household is going fine and dandy.  Since we (I) last spoke, we have renovated our living/dining room and now have a wood-burning stove.  Which is great, except that the weather has been incredibly warm (for the UK anyway), so I am unable to justify lighting a fire - even with all the windows open it would be just too hot!

What else?  ... ... well, I am sure that, if you know me, you are SHOCKED (not) to hear that the fabulous bike I bought last year has been festering in the shed since, basically, my last post. Firstly, the icy weather arrived - too scared to cycle - then, we were doing the living room and my bike was buried under a load of living room stuff - too lazy to move it - and now, well, now it's TOO DAMN HOT to cycle anywhere (i.e., still too lazy).  I am summoning up the energy to trudge to work each day, but I seriously wish I had some sort of paddling pool/water bowl under my desk to sit my feet in.  How lovely that would be.  Not quite sure of the logistics of moving around the room with wet feet, or what clients would think, or my bosses for that matter, but I do think about it when my feet are throbbing away.

Cat news - nothing to report.  Cat still plays with old sweet wrappers and the occasional mouse toy.  Wakes up in the pre-dawn hours, but leaves me alone once I've fed him.  Operation 'get cat to sit on Biggus' lap' is still ongoing, with no success as yet, although he will walk across his lap to get to popcorn (freakish beast).

Speaking of Biggus - my lovely husband left the house to got to work at 7.10am today, only to come straight back in and yell up the stairs (yes, I was still in bed, what of it??) that there was a pile of cat vomit right outside the front door and also at the corner of the house.  Lovely.  So, first thing I did when I came downstairs was fill a bucket of water, grab some paper towels and go clean up some cat puke.  Turned out to be a semi-chewed part of bird. Niiiice.  This was not caused by our Cat.  I repeat - this was NOT CAUSED by OUR CAT.  Our Catfink is a stay indoors, crap in the litter tray, puke on the rug/doormat Cat.  The only living creatures he eats are spiders (only the body, not the legs) and the odd moth, if he's fast enough.

I think the offering today was left by a little kitty owned by one of our neighbours.  His name is Tommy and he is supposed to live on one side of us, but spends most of his time in the house at the other side of us.  The non-owner neighbours are trying to get him to go home, so are avoiding feeding him, but the 'owner' neighbour seems to have 'washed her hands' of him, as he doesn't spend any time there. So, I think he might have resorted to hunting.  I feel bad when I see him, cos he's such a skinny little thing, but we already have a cat.  Non-owner neighbours recently lost both their cats, one literally, the other died, and really don't want to be lumbered with another one, especially as they have a holiday coming up.  Poor Tommy, I think it is all going to come to a head soon, if not only because he is still a 'Tom' and sprays everywhere, which leaves really a pleasant scent to greet you when you walk out of your house on a hot day!!

Well, aren't you glad I'm back?  A lovely long post about cats, again.  Could be worse, I could have wittered on about Candy Crush, or A Game of Thrones, both of which I am currently obsessed with.  Never mind, maybe next time.

Bye for now x

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  1. Hello! Thank you for your comment re my actor son-in-law's thing. It's good, isn't it? If only he could make a living wage... .

    I like posts about cats normally, though this one... hmm... maybe not my very very favourite kind. Oh dear, poor little cat.


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