Sunday, 7 October 2012

Biting the bullet

I have made what could possibly be an error. I have told my parents about this blog!

Having done this, I have decided that I may as well announce the existence of this blog on Twitter, so HELLO any Twitterists who could be arsed to read this far clicked over.

(Sorry I said 'arsed', Mum!)

Among my Twitter friends are my Dad, my brother, my nephew,  some fabulous bloggers (nervous twitch at thought of them reading), some friends from real life and even my Mother-in-Law (Hi! *waves*), so I suppose I might have to be careful about what I say in future.

That is why I think that going public may be an error, but if I don't, I might as well stop writing now and just talk to Cat as per usual.

So, as it is going to slip out at some point, I may as well just get it over with now - 


There you go, don't we all feel much more comfortable now?

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  1. Hello,

    I have just noticed that you've started to follow my blog (is this right? I'm not very technical) so thank you and hi. You're right about the apostrophe in people's, by the way. Men's, women's, children's and people's are the main plural words that have an apostrophe before the -s when they're possessive. The reason is presumably because they don't actually have a plural -s. Ie in the girls' flat (the flat belonging to the girls) - you put the ' after the plural word girls. The people's votes you put an apostrophe after the plural word people (and then you add an -s because you need one).

    What a boring comment! I am a retired English teacher! Anyway, you write well - very entertainingly.


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