Saturday, 6 October 2012

Will a change be (as good as) a rest?

I have already mentioned that we have a cat.
When we first got Cat, Biggus was working away through the week and I wanted some company.  As it was mostly just Cat and me in the early days, I have become his favourite minion.  He is not a lap cat, but he likes to snuggle next to me on the couch and he follows me around the house, including to the bathroom.  Also, you should know he is a house cat, as the rescue centre asked us to keep him in, due to the fact that this is the wussiest scaredy cat ever.
Cat likes to wake me up at o' dark-thirty for his breakfast. This is normally at least two hours before I actually have to get up and means that I haven't slept a full night at home since he moved in.  He is difficult to ignore, because he sits on my pillow and pats my face until I get up.  Luckily (for him), I can get back to sleep quite well after he's fed.
Biggus complains that Cat does not like him.  This is more or less true.  Cat runs away when he approaches, which I blame on the fact that Cat does not like to be hugged, whereas Biggus likes to hug Cat.  I have pointed out that, whilst I might get the bonus of cat snuggles, I also get the downsides of scooping litter and dealing with stinky cat food at 4am, not to mention the whole 'cat breath in the face in the middle of the night' part.  Meanwhile, Biggus gets to sleep through the night.  In fact, he does not even slightly wake up.
So tonight, we experiment. (Ooh, saucy!) We are going to swap sides in bed, to see if Cat realises it's me he's waking up, or if he just goes for the human nearest the door.
I will wake up anyway, and will probably have to elbow Biggus until he wakes up.  However, it should mean that I can go to bed, and not get up until 'getty up time'.
Unless, of course, I have to pee.

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