Friday, 5 October 2012

The pressure is on...

After years (yes, years!) of stalking other people's blogs, I have decided it is time to start my own.

I have no real idea what this will be, but I do know what it won't be:

  1. Perfect.  I try to spell correctly, but sometimes get a little confused when it comes to punctuation.  (For example - I am not sure about the apostrophe in 'people's' up there ^).  I will try my best.
  2. A 'mommy' blog.  I am not a 'mommy', or a mama, mum or mam.  Unless the cat counts?
And - that's about all I can think of for now.

So, not perfect and not a mum.  Also, apparently, not very interesting either.

Now, about me...

Not really sure how much I want to reveal at the moment.  I am married, but haven't settled on a blog name for him yet.  I'm leaning towards 'Biggus' (because that's what I usually call him), but suppose I'd better check with him first.

Other than working (which, you know, it's probably best not to talk about here), I spend most of my time reading blogs and books and watching films and repeats of NCIS.  I also assist my cat in his never-ending quest to capture the red dot.  Some of my time (not enough) is also spent thinking I should be at the gym, then eating ice cream instead.

We'll see what happens with this.  I am already feeling the pressure of the *first post*, as I always go back to the first post in blogs to see if it grabs my interest.

Not much chance of that with this one. Meh.

Hhmm, just did a spellcheck and blogger does not recognise the words 'blog' and 'blogs'.

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